Field School

A new academic program is Field School. In utilizing a round table approach, this program explores arts issues for the purpose of exploring for potential resolutions, approaches, and/or recommendations. The process begins with someone, or group, articulating an issue to faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students during the Field School meeting. Once the group has had the opportunity to ask questions for clarity, they continue to explore approaches and information that is missing, all of which are captured to be given to the person or group with the issue. If there are people who would like to continue with this project due to being able to connect to a class assignment, thesis or dissertation work or a faculty’s desire to pursue as academic research, their names and intention will be documented and given to those who brought the issue to the group. The Center will support the research with the resources that are at hand such as providing a meeting place, office supplies, and as a clearing house with experts in the fields. We view research in three levels:
  • Academic Research: The focus is publication in top-tier academic journals.
  • Translational Research: The focus is to provide opportunities for students to learn how to disseminate research. 
  • Clinical Research:  The focus is to design/develop assessment tools that would promote best practices.