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The Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise is leading a pilot program during the 2023-24 academic year entitled Creatives @ the Barnett. The program supports a cohort of 12 undergraduate students (the “Creatives”) who each possess a particular creative focus (i.e. creative writing, design, visual art, music, dance, theatre, photography, etc.). The cohort will work closely together throughout the 2023-24 academic year investigating, designing, creating, and presenting collaborative creative expressions which are connected to an identified social theme. The Creatives are supported by a team of experienced mentors and a budget to support their integrated creative expression.

The cohort will examine dimensions of creative expression through regular cohort seminar meetings, artist presentations, and excursions to local arts events. Ultimately, each cohort member will be paired with another and tasked with the creation of a collaborative expression connected to an identified social theme. Consideration for inclusion in the cohort is open to students regardless of major.

Teamwork, Hands together

This pilot program endeavors to provide each cohort member with:

          •    a heightened awareness of their own creative “voice”

          •    a deepened understanding of interdisciplinary work in the arts

          •    rich engagement with collaborative creative expression

          •    an awareness of the impact of the arts in local community

          •    meaningful engagement with an experienced creative mentor

          •    informed understanding of the identified “social theme”


Questions can be directed to Barnett Center Director, Dr. Scott A. Jones, at BarnettCenter@osu.edu.

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During the pilot program, each Creative will be paired with another whose creative discipline differs (i.e. a dancer and a creative writer; a painter and a cellist; a designer and a composer; etc.). Each pair will then be commissioned to create a single integrated creative expression that illumines a dimension of the pre-determined social theme (i.e. homelessness, food scarcity, mental health, diversity, etc.). The 6 creative pairs will present their collaborative expressions at public events scheduled for April 2024.

Each creative pair will be supported by an experienced mentor (from the Ohio State campus and/or local arts community). Mentors will work closely with their creative pair through the planning, creating, and sharing of their creative expression. Each Creative will also be provided a budget of up to $500 ($1000 total per pair) for the acquisition of resources central to their creative expression. Each creative will also be provided with space for collaborative work as a member of the cohort.

Expectations for members of the cohort include:

          •    a curiosity about interdisciplinary creative expression

          •    an interest in the integration of the arts into local communities

          •    a willingness to remain open and vulnerable to new ideas

          •    a belief in the importance of creative and human diversity

          •    attendance at all regularly scheduled cohort seminars (2 hours weekly, evening times TBD)

          •    enrollment at Ohio State in both Autumn Semester 2023 and Spring Semester 2024

          •    a commitment to full cohort participation during both semesters

The calendar will include cohort seminar meetings, local cohort excursions, and meaningful engagement with artistic and community innovators. The time commitment for cohort activities is anticipated to be approximately 2 hours per week.

Featured below are short bios of both the new cohort and their mentors. For more information about each individual, please click the button below. 

Meet the Cohort


Headshot of Meg

Meg Brosneck

Majors: History, English

Focus: Creative Writing




Headshot of Ana

Ana Fierros Haro

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Major: English

Minor: History of Art

     Focus: Creative Writing


Headshot of Hailee

Hailee Franklin

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Majors: Theatre, Music Education

Focus: Theatre 



Headshot of Lydia

​​​​Lydia Gokey

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Major: Arts Management

Minors: Studio Art, History of Art

     Focus: Visual Art


Headshot of Ira

Ira Graham IV

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Major: BFA in Photography

Focus: Photography



Headshot of Ben

Ben Kerger

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Majors: Music Performance, History

Focus: Music Performance



Headshot of Emma

Emma Robinson

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Major: Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife

Focus: Creative Writing  



Headshot of Ky

Ky Smiley 

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Major: BFA in Photography

Minors: Education, African American and African Studies

     Focus: Photography


Headshot of Emily

Emily Straughn

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Major: Industrial Design

Focus: Design 



Headshot of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Thompson

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Linguistics, Philosophy Politics & Economics

Focus: Visual Art 


Headshot of Eryn

Eryn Toppin 

Hometown:  Barbados

Major: Dance and Theatre

Focus: Dance 


Headshot of Brittni

Brittni Van Dine 

Hometown: Fairborn, Ohio

Major: Dance

Focus: Dance 

Meet the Mentors


Headshot of Terron

Terron Banner

Manager of Community Learning and Experience at the Urban Arts Space 



Headshot of Dionne

Dionne Custer Edwards

Director of Learning & Public Practice at the Wexner Center for the Arts 



Headshot of Brian

Brian Harnetty

Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in the School of Music  



Headshot of Gina

Gina Osterloh

Associate Professor in the Department of Art 



Headshot of Kylee

Kylee C. Smith

Administrative Associate in the Department of Dance 



Headshot of Michael

Michael Rene Torres

Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Composition in the School of Music





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