Claire Melbourne

University Fellow, MFA in Dance Studies
Graduate Student Think Tank

Claire Melbourne is a maker and educator, and a University Fellow in her first year pursuing an MFA in Dance Studies at The Ohio State University. Before beginning this program, she lived in the SF Bay area, where she performed with Cid Pearlman Performance Projects and presented her own work including the evening length show A Real Winner (2015), as well as shorter works “So what I’m hearing you say is…” (2015) and home.body (2009).  Claire completed her BA with honors in Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz (2007) which culminated in her thesis, Art, Dialogue and Imagination: Towards Engaged Communities. She received a Multi-Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential from San Jose State (2013) and studied dance education at NYU Steinhardt and Luna Dance Institute in Oakland, CA. Claire is influenced by her background as a bilingual elementary school teacher and studies in bilingual and critical pedagogies.  Her current work and research involve investigating intermedia and audience participation to surface shared creative understandings. As a classroom teacher, a performer, and an artist, Claire seeks to spark and deepen community dialogue among students/teachers and performers/audiences/makers, facilitating creative expression in the body and noticing and valuing difference.  

Areas of Expertise
  • Bilingual and critical pedagogies
  • BA, Community Studies, UC Santa Cruz
  • MFA, Dance Studies, The Ohio State University