Message from the Director

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Welcome to the Barnett Center 2019-2020.  We have so many great things to share. First, we have a new faculty member.  Rachel Skaggs is the first Barnett Endowed Chair professor. Please go to the News section to read more about Dr. Skaggs and the opportunities and courses she will bring to us. Last year in our Field School, two programs were developed, a mentor program and a spotlight news article focusing on current researcher and/or research projects. Those programs have now become a part of the Center and will be continued by the Center staff. The Center has also received two Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme Grants. The first one is in collaboration with the Newark Earthworks Center, Ancient Indigenous Monuments and Modern Indigenous Art. The NEC+BC collaboration proposes a systematic introduction of the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks to a cadre of American Indian artists, writers, scholars and activists.  The purpose is to introduce the earthworks to the artists and interview them for both websites and for World Heritage. This research project will lead to publications, which the Barnett Center will serve as a hub. The other grant is to support and expand our internship program that was developed by Dr. Gretchen McIntosh for The Barnett Center. This grant will provide the Center and Dr. McIntosh with the abilities to travel and network to and with regional, National, and International conferences that focus on internships; so that we can expand our opportunities for our students.

I look forward to continuing student focused programming and creating an environment where ideas, research and scholarship can converge in an open, student-led format. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of the Barnett Center and hope that if you have ideas or questions that you will reach out to me at

Thank you and have a great semester!

Christine Ballengee Morris, PhD
Interim Director
Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise

About Dr. Ballengee Morris

Dr. Christine Ballengee Morris is a Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, was founding Director of the Multicultural Center at Ohio State, and former Coordinator of American Indian Studies. Dr. Ballengee Morris' research interests include self-determination, earthworks, identity development, Indigenous arts, integrated curricula, service-learning, and arts-based research. Prior to coming to Ohio State, Dr. Ballengee Morris worked as a curricula developer for a children's art museum in Charleston, WV and taught in public schools for over a decade. In addition to her scholarship and teaching, Dr. Ballengee Morris is a performing artist, who has held numerous artists-in-residence positions in several states with her late husband, David E. Morris.