New Course Offerings


Spring 2021

ARTEDUC 5795: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education -

The Social World of the Arts (U & G)

Dr. Rachel Skaggs
Thursdays 1:30-3:45 PM

We often think about the arts as primarily aesthetic endeavors, but the social world around the creation, production, distribution, and reception of art are key in understanding the role of art and of artists in society. In this class, students will use a sociological lens to examine how individuals and groups create, produce, distribute, and consume art. The themes of this course will allow us to answer questions like, but not limited to, the following: Why to trends in the arts happen when they do? Why is “selling out” looked down on by so-called “starving artists”? Can we predict which pieces of art will become popular? How does an artist’s gender or race impact their reception among critics? Using this lens to think about art, we will consider a wide variety of genres of art, arts scenes, and cultural products including TV scripts, fiction books, rap cyphers, stand-up comics, record label interns, and artist activists.


ARTEDUC 4495: Seminar on Topical Issues in Art Education -

Arts Entrepreneurship (U)

Dr. Rachel Skaggs
Wednesdays 12:30 -3:15 PM

This course helps students gain skills toward using creativity and artistry to solve problems and identify their personal sites of expertise as they begin to think about their future careers. Identifying opportunities in the arts can take on aspects of using artistic skill to address social problems, create economic value, and bring aesthetic solutions to social, cultural, and business problems.

Art 5000: Senior Seminar in Studio Art (U)

Merijn van der Heijden
Thursdays 3:55-6:40 PM

This class, which explores not only various potential career channels, but strategies in writing and research to unfold them. Classes will be a combination of synchronous online lectures (delivered by instructor over Zoom to students in attendance), and in-person writing workshops and one on one meetings with the professor. The latter in person meetings will occur outdoors whenever possible. In a few cases, we will also be Zooming in guests from other cities; that will occur online, and may be asynchronously watched.