Spring 2017 - Fayette County, OH

Connecting the Dots to Economic and Cultural Revitalization in Fayette County, OH

This project is made possible through a Connect and Collaborate Grant, a program supporting innovative and scholarly engagement programs that leverage academic excellence of The Ohio State University in mutually beneficial ways with external partners

Connecting the Dots to Economic and Cultural Revitalization in Fayette County, Ohio will use community engagement interventions with various art practices to investigate the local culture of Washington Court House and other villages in Fayette County. This planning process will bring together multiple partners from Fayette County and OSU to design opportunities and interventions (such as storytelling, interviews, community discussion forums, brainstorming sessions, and art making) that will lead towards sustainable economic revitalization efforts. It is our intention that this project will result in a customized and scalable process that will enable Fayette County towns and villages to stimulate economic development using art and culture as a foundational intervention in rural areas to improve quality of life and well-being. Specifically, this project is designed to serve rural Ohioans in Washington Court House, Bloomingburg and Jeffersonville in Fayette County. In joining colleagues from around the country, including Cooperative Extension Offices from the University of Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin, Oregon and Iowa State University, Imagining America’s Extension Reconsidered, and, most recently, the Kettering Foundation’s Rural Issue Guide, to explore rural economic development, collaborators are looking for best practices that incorporate art and culture interventions in economic revitalization efforts in rural American towns and counties.

Internal Partners:

OSU - Barnett Center, Center for Folklore Studies, University Extension Community Development

External Partners:

Fayette County Travel and Tourism, City of Washington Court House/Main Street Group, Fayette County Commission, Bloomingburg Mayor's Office, Jeffersonville Mayor's Office, Fayette County Public Library, Fayette County Historical Society and Museum, Fayette County Economic Development, Fayette County Geographical Information System, The Print Shop, Record Herald Newspaper, White Fence Gallery, Creative Courthouse, Anima Viva Arts, and Miami Trace School

Think Tank Members:

Think Tank members comprise of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of programs, backgrounds and interests.  This transdisciplinary group of outstanding students will collaborate with Dr. Manjon and the many internal and external partners to bring chagne to Fayette County, OH.

Youngaah Koh - Arts Administration, Education & Policy

Claire Melbourne - Dance

Karie Miller - Theatre

Molly Rideout - English

Katy Treitmaier - Arts Administration, Education & Policy

Yifan Xu - Arts Administration, Education & Policy

Yan Xiao - Arts Administration, Education & Policy

Charity Mack - Arts Management (BAAM)