Fall 2015 - King Arts Complex

The Fall 2015 Think Tank began their collaboration with The King Arts Complex Fall 2015 and will work with them through the 2016 school year. The King Arts Complex is a not-for-profit organization that was established to carry on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by promoting, preserving, and fostering the artistic and cultural contributions of African Americans. As the Center approaches its 30th year, they look to a Think Tank that will help them explore the following:

  1. Develop an entrepreneurial organizational and management structure that may or may not include a non-profit model,

  2. Utilize the building (their greatest asset) in new enterprising ways to generate and increase earned income,

  3. Assess their relationship to the local and greater Columbus communities, with special attention to displacement and gentrification,

  4. Rebrand the institution while maintaining their cultural and historical legacy,

  5. Develop a business structure to generate new revenue sources, and

  6. Develop a succession plan that identifies and trains younger arts administrators and artists.