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Autumn 2019

ARTEDUC 7200.20: Overview of Research Planning for Arts Policy & Administration
Dr. Rachel Skaggs
Thursdays 4:30 PM-7:15 PM
Sullivant Hall 225

In recent years, big data, statistics, surveys, and quantitative measures are seemingly ubiquitous. Whether they measure the so-called “butts in seats” of arts participation, student test scores, or culture industry revenue, quantitative data drives decision-making, budgets, and organizational priorities across the arts and culture sector. The importance of quantitative measures to influence understandings of the role of arts in society will continue to be important for scholars, leaders, and educators in the field. This class will expose students to a variety of ways of understanding, collecting, and analyzing quantitative data with the goal of using quantitative insights to contribute to theory and to inform cultural and/or educational policy.